Not To Stop

Only If I Change


Sering kita diuji
Oleh Dia yang Berkuasa

Dengan cinta pada sesuatu
Lalu Tuhan mengambilnya

Dengan benci pada sesuatu
Lalu Tuhan memberinya

Dengan impian
Yang belum tercapai

Dengan halangan
Yang tersusun di hadapan

Hadiahnya sangat ajaib
Dari Penguasa pemilik ilmu

Ditetapkan kegagalan
Dari jalan yang di benci

Ditetapkan permulaan
Atas jalan yang di impi

Dipulangkan kekasih
Dan hati kini bahagia

Dilepaskan musuh
Hari ini adalah kebebasan



the uzlah is not our objective. It just a wasilah to get the objective.

Imagine the Application

I love the way a samurai live.. Haha… Looks so gentle. 
But everyone, lets imagine if one of our friend try to act like a samurai lifestyle.

Long hair, walking gently and slowly, sip a tea from a tiny tea cup, sitting nicely on the floor, turn the head around slowly…

Haha certain ways it looks so funny and cute. And too weird to merge with our culture now. A modern culture. Or we could say as not a culture at all… 

Maybe if we read it as a good culture, but a little extreme to apply so we need a better way for the application of the past culture. 

Not because we hate our culture, but to feel the value of a good one from the past. 

To Die With Something

The reason why you still steal the air today is because the God let you to do that. If He decide not to let you breath, you die in a dream of future, and carry the sins from yesterday. So please wake up at the early morning, perform the invocation. 

Write Everything

I love writing
but i don’t know how to write nicely
but still I want to proceed
at least sum number of words
to tell everyone 
that writing is not just a hobby
it is a key of revolution during enlightenment era
spread reason through understanding
understood by the people
through a gallon of words
and stunned them by a great writing skill
the writing catch the veil of artist
especially when they open the book of Plato
discussing about simple grammar
think simple but read it tough
a writer know why is the way was like that
what ever it cost
keep writing
even a simple daily diary.

Share with me!

A bucket of chicken
Looks more delicious 
When we decides
To share together

Open a case
With just one pencil in it
Looks terrible
When its broken

Staring the nearest
Friend do you have a pencil?
No I just bring one
Next time bring two so we could share

Clock is ticking
Time is running
The world is only one
We share the same space and time

What does it means
If we can live alone
If we can fight alone
But others calling for help?

The Curtain Of Home

I’m in a jungle
You are in the water
They fly in the air
No matter how far
We miss our home

The home with no light
No air no music
Vacuum and empty
The step on the floor
Beating the emptiness

We return with pride
Seeking light from the outside
Lets fill the home
Lets light the home
Just open the curtain

There is a thin light line on the chest
The light hunting the space
Slowly open the curtain
Yet the speed of light
It runs into your home

The curtain of home
The light of outside
The dark of inside
The fortress of sins
The prison of empty soul

Curtain should be opened
Home must be filled
Fortress will be burned
Prisoner will be free
And the light fills the heart