Hammer That Stone

by Ikhwan



Having a real good time around 1.00 am at KMS restaurant with my house-mates. Nice hour to consider study break with maggi goreng and teh-o ais. We just take a break after ‘struggled’ moving cross the door of final year project. Can’t get enough air to breath, we think outside is better. Same as everyday, we keep talking about clown education. Yeah. 

I just don’t know how to carry the load since I give less focus with my education right now. Actually my focus still with the education, but a different path. It just got terrible when the path cross at the middle of this time. 

The point is, we student move in the class room and move out with stone on our back. No one will against this because this is the reality of education. We have different strength yet we carry the same load. For me it still fine because I already faced this thing for many years of education. I don’ really care much to talk about the load we carry. It has to be. And we have to carry it because we are student. We do what our teacher told us to do. Syllabus. 

The weight of the stone is not giving me a big problem. But when the stone is hammered on my back, I feel this is just too much. Seriously. Haha. Education. Yeah. Why don’t give a hand to help me carry this rather than knocking the stone and shout “hello, have you finish carry it!!!!”. 

I start to realize the problem of our education is just because we never realize the bond between student and teacher. Hello, I’m not a gangster. I’m just a student who don’t care much about my education because…….. Sure you don’t know why because you hear nothing from me. How could I tell you the story when I feel afraid to tell you. The feeling of afraid. You must catch these words. 

Why Einstein was able to just stay in the lab while his friends have a lecture series in the classroom? This is the point of a system. When the system not allow you to access the way you want, means you have to follow the system whatever it takes. Even the system is putting the edge of knife right on your skin, you still need to pass through it. Sure its bleeding. 

Einstein think he could be better if he proceed with the experiment, and he was allowed to. And WOW…. So the burden gets lighter. Education has to keep away from physical attack. When the lecturer are not given sword to cut the students, so the tasks is cutting us. It cuts through our mental and intelligence, and psychologically disturb the emotion, living the students in nightmare.