Be real is reality!

by Ikhwan

When we realize that we only live in this duniya for a very short period, when we realize that we will be taken into the grave, when we realize that we will be asked for what we have done in this duniya.When we realize that there is a place of judgement. There will be hell and heaven. When we realize that Allah shall never protect those who love to repeat their sins.

We will never ever do any sins. We will protect our self from expose to the possibility to make sins. We will struggle to study and find more about what can drive to do sins. We will spend everything as long as we can save our self at akhirah. We will keep guarding our faith. We will do every good things. We will make sure are we a muslim or not. We will study who is a muslim actually. We will learn about islam. And we will follow what does religion need us to do.

That only if we realize.

But today we only live inside the zone of fantasy, imagination, thinking, planning, figuring, judging, dreaming, but without action, those activities will have no profits and values.

That is the reality of our muslims. We read a lot about Musa a.s. that he live with Firaun (pharaoh). He live with a top gangster. But what he did? He change the reality into an era of faith. He has his follower. He spread islam. He fight firaun. But we? We live inside the highest mass of digression. The problem is that we do not change the situation, but we keep fighting for something that is at very low priority. We blame muslim and fight against muslim. So the jahiliyah come and join our battles, and we are easily follow them.

Living as a muslim is not a life of book. Read and read then keep in the shelf and do nothing. But we do what we learn. Islam not just an ideology. Not just a philosophy. But it is the way of life. You learn what to do from morning until night. Start from babies until the old age. From cutting your nails until nation administration management. Islam is a guidance.

So be a real muslim, the one who practice islam.