by Ikhwan

A very simple application

You ask to God, Oh my Lord please forgive me.
But when you do wrong things to other people, you feel shy to ask for forgiveness. You feel terrible. Maybe you could humiliated, being scold. And then you decide not to ask forgiveness from people.

At this moment, I feel that we human can easily express the words of “Oh my Lord please forgive me” because we do not have any feeling at all. We feel nothing. We did not feel that if Allah will never accept us. And we just asked it once for every time we made sin. Wow this is more terrible.

That’s why when I read from the book of Al-Hikam, a masterpiece understanding of relationship between human and human and God, Syeikh Atha’illah do mention that, those who can say thanks to other people will able to say thanks to Allah.

So at this point, I want all of you to rethink, and rearrange your thought to have a better understanding about relation to our God. It is when you seek for forgiveness it should come from your inner part, with a deep honesty to represent yourself as a real slave. With humble and total precaution of your next move.

“Oh my Lord, please forgive me” but inside your heart still has a little intention to repeat that sins, it means that you are not please for that forgiveness.

I love to write about this, when I made some mistake to other peoples. When someone can ask to other people, “man please forgive me”, yes this is cool. That man is totally brave to ask for forgiveness. What drive him to seek forgiveness. This is a real men.

Let your inner momentum move you close to Allah.