Everyone’s color

by Ikhwan

You might love red or blue or any colors that sometime people around you never imagine to love your color. But put in your mind not to hate other people’s color.

We live in the same world same land same air. Given by God to live in great civilization. Love and humanity. People’s color. We are shaped to love something that cross our own heart so let we choose what is coming from the inside. Never give your self a chance to take the color that people suggest unless he knows what your true color. And never try to force him to pick the color that is unsuitable for him.

This is a story of two men wanted to buy a shirt for their self. One ask each other what color suit them. Here is the point. Both of them wanted to buy the same thing, same purpose, to cover their body with a piece of cotton. Is it important for them to get angry each other just because of the colors? Surely not because color won’t effect the purpose of shirt. Shirt will always be shirt. And color is just the some kind of add-on that will never change anything.

Even we see that we have different attitude, life-style, habit and characteristics, that is the way your live. As long as we don’t change our vision and mission, so keep walk on our path to achieve it. People’s color, it never give any credit to score at any part of the determination.

If someone give you some money to buy food, it doesn’t mean you have to buy the food that you don’t like to eat.

There are two important things that you should keep in your mind.
One is your goal.
Second is your method.

Make sure both is always in a right way and method. Then you are in true color….