Syntax Error

by Ikhwan

Today, I walked into the UTHM library with my friend to finish Design Assignment – even its not finished yet. We sat on the chair, third floor, very close to bookshelves. Near to window, I can see the mosque very clearly. I started to arrange my position, seating nicely, open the laptop, open my book page 105, ” this example look similar with the assignment..”

As usual when I used to study at the library, my mind always got busy with everything around me. But today I was caught by the bookshelves behind me. Right behind me, two bookshelves, fulled with dictionary.. “Perghhh… there are sooo many. So big!” I moved back some inches, picked one of the dictionary and tried to find my lovely word – epistemology – just to make sure that this dictionary is great. Because one of my dictionary doesn’t have this word. Yeah I found it. This should be great. “This was great..” “Do you know how many words cited in this book?” This dictionary I was hold has two volume. One is from A-M and the other one is from N-Z. Together I guess about 4 inches. Maybe you’ve saw a bigger one. But this is my first time.

Now, this book remind me something. I’ve graduated from Matriculation with 2.96 CGPA and Band 2 MUET. So I could continue study. But to graduate from this school – UTHM – I must hold Band 3 MUET as minimum requirement. So last year I repeated the MUET with my friend – same tragedy like me – but still got Band 2. WOW!! This was my first expression. The second expression is, Alhamdulillah!!… Actually I must say Alhamdulillah first. My mom always told me to repeat it again, by taking it every time.

I love to practice my linguistic knowledge by reading and writing. I try to improve by listening radio but too boring. Talking nonsense. Shouting and laughing until I’ve lost faith. I read the book “The Language Blueprint”, this book was very nice. It contains Phonology, Morphology, Syntax and many more. Cover everything that I think very important to know. Actually my problem is, I never spent a fix time to study this. Now I want to manage it back. Perhaps I could master in English…

This post, I strongly believe, written with very bad grammar style. 🙂 But I fall in love with writing.