by Ikhwan

  • How to get an extra time???
  1. Speed up your works and don’t get your self busy with something else except your works. Never drag your working hours with some stupid activities. Don’t think too critical for a simple job. As NIKE always quoted, Just Do It. 
  2. Do more jobs in the same time. Try to find out what tasks that can be compile together so you don’t have to pick another time to finish it. 
  3. Stop wasting time. We, peoples used to pay for double-time-job just for single-time-job’s salary. But there are some error type of human, always, and always sell their time just to be wasted. They walk slowly, chatting nonsense issues, procrastination is their touch. Beware with their touch. Time is precious. 
  4. Stop wasting my time. Don’t get yourself be like them. But you don’t have to run from them. You are motivator. Motivate them to be like you. I mean if you think that you’re good person, why don’t you make everyone become like you? Think about others.
  5. Finish the important one. Or not, you will waste your time, thinking all days about your work. But you just thinking. At last, there is nothing settled. 
  6. Make a time table or schedule your works. This is the best way to identify where is your free time. Actually we never realize that we have a lot of free time. This why sometime we forget to do some works, then try to do it at a wrong time. And maybe going to clash with other works. And maybe you just ignore it. Black-belt procrastinator.
  7. Select the job for productive hours. Yes, we have productive hours. How great and how long it is, depends on that individual. Some could have long time of productive hours. During this period, our working quality can reach to maximum capacity. So don’t use this hours, just to throw the rubbish into dustbin, wash your socks, search your lost keys. Use this time very carefully. So you can finish your work faster and greater.
  8. Determination. Without this, no more war to have the extra time. Some time you may face problems with your time table, working method, and any other cases. Without will to find the extra time, you will stop on the half way.

I’m pretty sure that you can find many ways for extra time. This project is interesting. Because the prize is “TIME”. Time – the thing that cannot be reach early before its time, and cannot come back even after one second of delay. Try to do it now. Safe the time.