The Great Shield

by Ikhwan

Go find me the best antivirus which can kills all the viruses.I will said bring me ‘iman’. It doesn’t kills only but also protects itself from being infected. Even you had the best antivirus, it still could be expire. But this antivirus or iman, will not expire as long as you understand how its work. Without understanding, everything will just ruined your life. This iman will protect you from any bad thing, even something that you like, but this iman know that you should not take it. So it will function as a reminder. How great it is. And what is more important is, it can improve your system, so you will run your system at high speed without any disturbance. It will arrange your data very well so you don’t have to face more problem. Then your system now is at the safest state and condition. By the way, this iman can always be upgrade as long as you are a hardworking person. But, why you should not upgrade it since you know it can provide you an easier and healthier lifestyle? So don’t put any option in your mind. What you have to do now is upgrade it!

This is the best part I think to share with you. If you really want to understand what made it got high demand today is, the better upgrade gives you better performance on your ‘PC’ system. Everyday you put the data in your PC isn’t it? Yeah this will make you PC getting mess. This antivirus (iman) can do Disk Cleanup and Defragmenter anywhere and anytime. It will arrange your files and data, put a reminder at your tasks, and you don’t have to think more about your work. As long as you get a better iman, I can promise you, tomorrow will be better than today. This is what we always wanted.

I love the part of promoting this product, even it not giving me any income. I just sharing this product to you. So if you understand how great this shield, I think you will force yourself to find it. So now I will explain to you where you can find it. The best market here it suppose to be at mosque. This place provide you a best deal with a great dealer, Allah SWT. Not at the lowest price but almost free. Since you wanted to buy it at low cost, then you must work for Him, by become a muslim. That was a simple task given to you. Once you accept the task, you already get this antivirus, automatically. You can also visit any mosque to upgrade it into new version. But I believe since we accept the task of muslim, we are offered to had a great iman by visiting the mosque five times per day. We visit any mosque to complete the task, and at the same time, we are actually upgrade our antivirus five times. I never meet any dealer that sell any item at free rate, and adding up with promotion and gifts.

But not only the mosque. One important thing that you should know about this nano technology, you can upgrade it anywhere. Download rate is faster than Terabytes per second. Plus the coverage is unlimited zone. So you will not facing any problem to upgrade this shield.

This could protect your system. In other word, it could protect your life, family, friends, even society and even your nation. It provide you the best protection together with life-improvement-system. I don’t think that you could find any product to challenge it, since it was designed by God, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. Enjoy your day with “Iman – The Great Shield”.